Certified Advanced RPAS Pilot

I hold and maintain an Advanced RPAS pilot certificate with Transport Canada. I am able in many situations by following the airspace rules regulations. I have an abundance of knowledge in drone regulations in Canada, and I have been in the aviation industry and a fixed wing pilot for years. If there are any questions about the regulations in Canada I would be happy to explain drone procedures and rules.

Thousands of Flights Conducted

I am always searching for the next place to explore from the air, or wowing my clients. I never turn down an opportunity to fly! I have thousands of flight hours as a drone pilot and bring amazing skills to your project. I have created documentaries to helping realtors with their listings. The air is my playground!

Knowing the Rules

I always follow the rules of the air when it comes to drones. I have a vast knowledge of the regulations as a drone pilot and I will always follow them. I can fly in airspace close to airports with the ability to plan flight plans with NAV Canada.

David Vanclieaf


With years of experience in the aviation industry, I decided to create Dash8 Aerial Photography. With my experience with drones, I have combined my love of aviation and photography. The photography work I have done is very unique and I enjoy offering them to my customers to enjoy an outside of the box experience. With my focus on aerial photography and aerial filming, I have opened many doors in the drone world. With state of the art drones and cameras I have learned to capture some of the most beautiful places on earth. With my new background in the environmental field, I would like to combine all my skills and knowledge of photography, to help raise awareness of our planets current health. I am currently a student at Mohawk College in Hamilton Ontario, and studying to be an Environmental Technologist, focusing on the cleanliness of water, ecology, and air quality. with a number of professors, peers, and myself. We are researching new ways to integrate drones into the natural environment by creating easier ways of farming, without the use of fossil fuels. Drones are becoming a major part of the worlds technological advancement, and I am proud to be an innovator in this awesome industry.

I started Dash8 Aerial Photography to share my love of flight. As an aerial photographer, I can experience the world from a new perspective. Flying over Oceans, forests, lakes and rivers, I can truly capture nature at its best.


My interest in aviation began when I was a child. What started as flying small RC helicopters around the house and watching planes take off at the airport, turned into a full fledged passion for aviation beginning my flight training at First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI). Developed to support indigenous students pursue careers in aviation, FNTI provided me with a chance fly with students from all corners of Canada. I obtained my private pilot’s license and training in air traffic control, meteorology and drone operation and navigation. Following my studies, I began a career working for some of the largest airlines in Canada.


In 2019, I got married to my wife Melinda, who has supported my passion for the environment and aerial photography. She currently works at Grand River Hospital as a Nurse and is always working extremely hard and doing the best she can every day and I am proud of her for it.


Like many others, the COVID-19 pandemic led me to rethink my career and I decided to take one of my biggest risks yet. I left the airline industry to pursue another passion, protecting the environment. I enrolled in the Environmental Technician program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, seeking to learn more about our environment and the impacts of climate change. Inspired by narrator and climate activist, Sir. David Attenborough, and the images within his many nature documentaries, I purchased my first drone and began exploring the ecosystems around me through a new lens. 

Featured on the Weather Network | David Vanclieaf

Kim Mac Donald - The Weather Network

When his dreams of becoming a pilot were thwarted by the pandemic, David Vanclieaf saw an opportunity to pursue something different.

A lifelong love of weather, the environment, and photography motivated the Kitchener, Ont., man to purchase his first drone.

As a proud member of the First Nations Mohawk family, Vanclieaf always had a respect for nature, but now he can appreciate it from a view he never had before.

In this episode of Candid Closeup, Kim MacDonald gets to know the photographer who found joy by changing his flight path.

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